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Winged meaning

winged - 8 dictionary results

  1. 1. of Wing
  2. 2. Furnished with wings; transported by flying; having winglike expansions.
  3. 3. Soaring with wings, or as if with wings; hence, elevated; lofty; sublime.
  4. 4. Swift; rapid.
  5. 5. Wounded or hurt in the wing.
  6. 6. Furnished with a leaflike appendage, as the fruit of the elm and the ash, or the stem in certain plants; alate.
  7. 7. Represented with wings, or having wings, of a different tincture from the body.
  8. 8. Fanned with wings; swarming with birds.

winged - examples of usage

  1. Bird of the sun, transparent winged. - "Afoot in England", W.H. Hudson.
  2. But the voice winged away again: " Ah, thou heart of my heart, thou life of my life! - "Son of Power", Will Levington Comfort and Zamin Ki Dost.
  3. Standing there boldly, unconscious of danger, the wind draped and defined the long lines of her figure like those of the Winged Victory. - "Brand Blotters", William MacLeod Raine.
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