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Warped meaning

warped - 1 dictionary results

  1. 1. of Warp

warped - examples of usage

  1. If this be long continued or neglected, the bones- which, you will remember, were made by the muscles in the first place- will be warped out of shape. - "A Handbook of Health", Woods Hutchinson.
  2. This is why children's bones, being softer and more flexible than those of grown- up people, are not so liable to break or snap across when they fall or tumble about; and why, too, they are more easily warped or bent out of shape through lack of proper muscular exercise and proper food. - "A Handbook of Health", Woods Hutchinson.
  3. " Oh, yes," his friend assented in a tone so warped that it seemed to signify, " Oh, no." - "A Poached Peerage", William Magnay.
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