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Vibrate meaning

vibrate - 11 dictionary results

  1. 1. of Vibrate
  2. 2. To brandish; to move to and fro; to swing; as, to vibrate a sword or a staff.
  3. 3. To mark or measure by moving to and fro; as, a pendulum vibrating seconds.
  4. 4. To affect with vibratory motion; to set in vibration.
  5. 5. To move to and fro, or from side to side, as a pendulum, an elastic rod, or a stretched string, when disturbed from its position of rest; to swing; to oscillate.
  6. 6. To have the constituent particles move to and fro, with alternate compression and dilation of parts, as the air, or any elastic body; to quiver.
  7. 7. To produce an oscillating or quivering effect of sound; as, a whisper vibrates on the ear.
  8. 8. To pass from one state to another; to waver; to fluctuate; as, a man vibrates between two opinions.
  9. 9. To cause to shake or vibrate.
  10. 10. To shake; move to and fro; swing.
  11. 11. Vibra'tion.

vibrate - examples of usage

  1. All the poetry in the world seemed to Jennie to vibrate in his tones.
  2. The very ground began to vibrate, and the dull noise ever and anon was broken by the quick, sharp sound of a trumpet.
  3. Soon after the tones of the bell had ceased to vibrate through the hall, they for whom the summons was intended made their appearance- entering from opposite sides, not together, but one coming in a little before the other.
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