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Veteran meaning

veteran - 5 dictionary results

  1. 1. an experienced person who has been through many battles; someone who has given long service
  2. 2. Long exercised in anything, especially in military life and the duties of a soldier; long practiced or experienced; as, a veteran officer or soldier; veteran skill.
  3. 3. One who has been long exercised in any service or art, particularly in war; one who has had.
  4. 4. Old; experienced. esp. in war.
  5. 5. one long exercised. esp. in war.

veteran - examples of usage

  1. The House was full to overflowing, and in a brilliant speech of nearly four hours the veteran leader held his audience breathless as he unfolded his plans for the betterment of Irish conditions.
  2. But, more confident in his powers than he is himself, I do not fear a comparison with this veteran of the bar of the Supreme Court.
  3. Battle after battle followed ere the French troops were driven out of Spain, and Colin Campbell, young as he was, fought like a veteran.
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