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Unhoused meaning

Unhoused - 2 dictionary results

Unhoused - examples of usage

  1. The heart that had responded so feelingly to the sufferings of lower creatures, the unhoused mouse, the shivering cattle, the wounded hare, could not without shame remember the wrongs he had done to those human beings whose chief fault was that they had trusted him not wisely but too well. - "Robert Burns", Principal Shairp.
  2. Occasionally, I unhoused a " soldier- crab," who had taken up free quarters in some unoccupied cone, and became so delighted with its shelter as never to move without dragging it at his heels along the sand. - "Journal of an African Cruiser", Horatio Bridge.
  3. In consequence of the gains which were to be obtained by inclosures and sheep- farming, families were unhoused and driven loose upon the country. - "Colloquies on Society", Robert Southey.
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