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Unfold meaning

unfold - 5 dictionary results

  1. 1. To open the folds of; to expand; to spread out; as, to unfold a tablecloth.
  2. 2. To open, as anything covered or close; to lay open to view or contemplation; to bring out in all the details, or by successive development; to display; to disclose; to reveal; to elucidate; to explain; as, to unfold one's designs; to unfold the principles of a science.
  3. 3. To release from a fold or pen; as, to unfold sheep.
  4. 4. To open; to expand; to become disclosed or developed.
  5. 5. To open the folds of; spread out; disclose; tell.

unfold - examples of usage

  1. The girl's own demeanour should give her the cue as to whether or no she should proceed to unfold his proposal.
  2. But it is high time to unfold the Introduction at the first page, and to begin to read.
  3. But Brasset and Jodey were by no means proof against the extraordinary tale that Fitz had come to unfold.
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