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Undo meaning

undo - 4 dictionary results

  1. 1. To reverse, as what has been done; to annul; to bring to naught.
  2. 2. To loose; to open; to take to piece; to unfasten; to untie; hence, to unravel; to solve; as, to undo a knot; to undo a puzzling question; to undo a riddle.
  3. 3. To bring to poverty; to impoverish; to ruin, as in reputation, morals, hopes, or the like; as, many are undone by unavoidable losses, but more undo themselves by vices and dissipation, or by indolence.
  4. 4. To reverse what has been done; loose; open; ruin.

undo - examples of usage

  1. The patients are restless, and a single awkward motion may undo the work of weeks so far as the union of the parts of the bone is concerned. - "Special Report on Diseases of Cattle", U.S. Department of Agriculture J.R. Mohler.
  2. And still older memories sprang up and grew strong, so that they might attack and overcome and utterly undo him. - "The Devil's Garden", W. B. Maxwell.
  3. If you knew- I would cut off my right hand now to undo it! - "To-morrow?", Victoria Cross.
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