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Undivided meaning

undivided - 4 dictionary results

  1. 1. Not divided; not separated or disunited; unbroken; whole; continuous; as, plains undivided by rivers or mountains.
  2. 2. Not set off, as a share in a firm; not made actually separate by division; as, a partner, owning one half in a firm, is said to own an undivided half so long as the business continues and his share is not set off to him.
  3. 3. Not directed or given to more than one object; as, undivided attention or affection.
  4. 4. Not lobed, cleft, or branched; entire.

undivided - examples of usage

  1. Diving into the stream he soon reached the drowning man; and the others, released from their burden, were now able to give their undivided attention to self- preservation.
  2. He gave his undivided attention to Transley's interests, making dollars for him while earning cents for himself.
  3. He must have undivided possession.
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