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Ululation meaning

ululation - 1 dictionary results

  1. 1. A howling, as of a dog or wolf; a wailing.

ululation - examples of usage

  1. Then from the blue depths of the humid green came a great outcry, answered by the ululation of the women in warning. - "Witch-Doctors", Charles Beadle.
  2. Their festive board drives the African jungle fever from their doors, while it soothes the gloom and isolation which strike one with awe, as one emerges from the lighted room and plunges into the depths of the darkness of an African night, enlivened only by the wearying monotone of the frogs and crickets, and the distant ululation of the hyena. - "How I Found Livingstone", Sir Henry M. Stanley.
  3. But Bobby had to go to bed, and he fell asleep with snatches of conversation, the shriek of runners and the weird ululation of warning ringing in his ears. - "The Adventures of Bobby Orde", Stewart Edward White.
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