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Trunnion meaning

Trunnion - 4 dictionary results

  1. 1. A cylindrical projection on each side of a piece, whether gun, mortar, or howitzer, serving to support it on the cheeks of the carriage. See Illust. of Cannon.
  2. 2. A gudgeon on each side of an oscillating steam cylinder, to support it. It is usually tubular, to convey steam.
  3. 3. One of the two pivots or axles that support a cannon, etc.
  4. 4. One of the pivots on which a cannon, & c., rests.

Trunnion - examples of usage

  1. He introduced into fiction the now familiar figure of the British tar, in the persons of Tom Bowling and Commodore Trunnion, as Fielding had introduced, in Squire Western, the equally national type of the hard- swearing, deep- drinking, fox- hunting Tory squire. - "Brief History of English and American Literature", Henry A. Beers.
  2. Instantly the guns were wrapped in their own white cloud, but, as at Shiloh, they were pointed again, again and again by the ruts of their recoil, Kincaid and Bartleson each pointing one as its nine men dwindled to five and to four, and in ten minutes nothing more was to be done but let the gray line through with fixed bayonets while Charlie, using one of Hilary's worn- out quips, stood on Roaring Betsy's trunnion- plates and cursed out to the shattered foe, " Bricks, lime and sand always on hand! - "Kincaid's Battery", George W. Cable.
  3. Then he took a deliberate survey of my comfortable position, and he disappeared in the horizon, with some such expression on his features as must have belonged to Commodore Trunnion, when he called out to Hatchway, while the hunter was leaping over the lieutenant, Oh! - "Recollections of Europe", J. Fenimore Cooper.
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