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Tiara meaning

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tiara - examples of usage

  1. In front of Carpenter's eyes sat a dame with a bare white back, and a rope of big pearls about it, and a tiara of diamonds on top; and beyond her were more dames, and yet more, and men in dinner- coats, putting food into red faces. - "They Call Me Carpenter", Upton Sinclair.
  2. He sat down gracefully, as if it were part of his daily life, and his brow wrinkled, and an old look came into his face as he thought of the six months' arrears of the lady who occupied his first floor, and his hands began to tremble strangely as he seemed to see open before him an old- fashioned casket, in which lay, glittering upon faded velvet, necklet, tiara, brooch, earrings and bracelets- large diamonds of price; a few of which, if sold, would be sufficient to pay his debts, and enable him to keep up appearances, and struggle on, till Claire was well married, and his son well placed. - "The Master of the Ceremonies", George Manville Fenn.
  3. As she spoke she untied the bag, turned it over, and, taking hold of the bottom, shook out on the table a necklet, cross, tiara, and pair of bracelets, which tinkled as they fell on the table. - "The Master of the Ceremonies", George Manville Fenn.
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