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Tabor meaning

tabor - 5 dictionary results

  1. 1. A small drum used as an accompaniment to a pipe or fife, both being played by the same person.
  2. 2. To play on a tabor, or little drum.
  3. 3. To strike lightly and frequently.
  4. 4. To make ( a sound) with a tabor.
  5. 5. A small drum.

tabor - examples of usage

  1. The pipe and the tabor are now busily set a- work, and the lad and the lass will have no lead in their heels. - "England in the Days of Old", William Andrews.
  2. In front men played merry tunes on the pipe and tabor, and the reapers tripped around in a hand- in- hand ring, singing appropriate songs, or simply by shouts and cries giving vent to the excitement of the day. - "England in the Days of Old", William Andrews.
  3. In Atabyris we cannot fail to recognise the Semitic Tabor, i. - "The History of Antiquity, Vol. II (of VI)", Max Duncker.
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