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Symphony meaning

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symphony - examples of usage

  1. What are plays like " Hamlet" and " Macbeth," " Brand" and " Peer Gynt," music like " Tristan and Isolde" or the " Pathetic Symphony," Rodin's statues, but actual, palpable realizations of the fact that hate is but a mask of love, or that human fallacies and human passions have within them the seeds of immense beauty if only there appear the artist who can bring them forth.
  2. He went into raptures over the slow movement in the C minor Symphony, but no C minor slow movement was discernible in his character.
  3. Rodney stopped and once more began beating a kind of rhythm, as if he were marking a phrase in a symphony, upon the smooth stone balustrade of the Embankment. - "Night and Day", Virginia Woolf.
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