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Surveyor meaning

surveyor - 1 dictionary results

  1. 1. One who surveys; a measurer of land.

surveyor - examples of usage

  1. Somerset, second son of Sir Charles Harbord, whom he succeeded in 1682 as Surveyor.
  2. Petition of Renatus Palmer, who prays to be appointed surveyor in the port of Dartmouth.
  3. Therefore Resolved, That in Lieu thereof, there be granted to the Proprietors of Groton, their Heirs and Assigns forever, Seven Thousand and Eight Hundred Acres of the unappropriated Lands belonging to this Province, in the Western Part of the Province, to be layed out adjoining to some former Grant, and that they return a Plan thereof, taken by a Surveyor and Chainmen under Oath into the Secretary's Office, within twelve Months for Confirmation.
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