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Statutory meaning

statutory - 2 dictionary results

  1. 1. Enacted by statute; depending on statute for its authority; as, a statutory provision.
  2. 2. Enacted by statute.

statutory - examples of usage

  1. To hygiene alone, of the score of subjects found in our modern grammar- school curriculum, is given statutory right of way for so many minutes per week, so many pages per text- book, or so many pages per chapter. - "Civics and Health", William H. Allen.
  2. These regulations- known as statutory orders- cover a great variety of subjects, and govern not only the duties of officials, and the administration of public affairs, both national and local, but also the conduct of individuals in the management of their own concerns. - "The Government of England (Vol. I)", A. Lawrence Lowell.
  3. On the other hand the published statutory orders for the year do not include by any means all the orders of a temporary nature. - "The Government of England (Vol. I)", A. Lawrence Lowell.
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