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Snuff meaning

snuff - 13 dictionary results

  1. 1. inhale audibly through the nose; " snuff coke"
  2. 2. The part of a candle wick charred by the flame, whether burning or not.
  3. 3. To crop the snuff of, as a candle; to take off the end of the snuff of.
  4. 4. To draw in, or to inhale, forcibly through the nose; to sniff.
  5. 5. To perceive by the nose; to scent; to smell.
  6. 6. To inhale air through the nose with violence or with noise, as do dogs and horses.
  7. 7. To turn up the nose and inhale air, as an expression of contempt; hence, to take offense.
  8. 8. The act of snuffing; perception by snuffing; a sniff.
  9. 9. Pulverized tobacco, etc., prepared to be taken into the nose; also, the amount taken at once.
  10. 10. Resentment, displeasure, or contempt, expressed by a snuffing of the nose.
  11. 11. Powdered tobacco; charred end of a candle- wick.
  12. 12. To draw in air strongly through the nose.
  13. 13. To smell by snuffing; to take off the snuff of, as a candle.

snuff - examples of usage

  1. He produced the watch I had taken from and returned to the mate's pocket when I had searched him for a tinder- box; also a gold snuff- box set with diamonds, and a few Spanish pieces in gold. - "The Frozen Pirate", W. Clark Russell.
  2. They would snuff your life out as quick as they would wink. - "Brand Blotters", William MacLeod Raine.
  3. I never heard you utter her name till now, and I don't believe she cares the snuff of a candle for you. - "Paddy Finn", W. H. G. Kingston.
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