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Slum meaning

slum - 3 dictionary results

  1. 1. To visit or frequent slums, esp. out of curiosity, or for purposes of study, etc.
  2. 2. Same as Slimes.
  3. 3. A foul back street of a city, especially one filled with a poor, dirty, degraded, and often vicious population; any low neighborhood or dark retreat; - usually in the plural; as, Westminster slums are haunts for theives.

slum - examples of usage

  1. Dost thou think I am such a fool to break his sweet slum for this?
  2. Next thing we know, she will be wanting to take up slum work.
  3. The most rapid, the most inattentive glance at these pictures was enough to produce a sense of almost intolerable fatigue, because each picture was so obviously what it set out to be that the eye was not allowed a blink between a Sussex down, a Devonshire harbour, a Dorset pasture, and a London slum, and the amount of narrative compressed into the space was as if a dozen bad novelists had simultaneously read a dozen of their worst chapters.
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