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Siren meaning

siren - 6 dictionary results

  1. 1. An enticing, dangerous woman.
  2. 2. Something which is insidious or deceptive.
  3. 3. A mermaid.
  4. 4. Any long, slender amphibian of the genus Siren or family Sirenidae, destitute of hind legs and pelvis, and having permanent external gills as well as lungs. They inhabit the swamps, lagoons, and ditches of the Southern United States. The more common species ( Siren lacertina) is dull lead- gray in color, and becames two feet long.
  5. 5. An instrument for producing musical tones and for ascertaining the number of sound waves or vibrations per second which produce a note of a given pitch. The sounds are produced by a perforated rotating disk or disks. A form with two disks operated by steam or highly compressed air is used sounding an alarm to vessels in fog.
  6. 6. Fabulous creature who enticed mariners by her song; a fascinating woman; amphibious reptile.

siren - examples of usage

  1. Sound our siren, and give the cutter her head.
  2. The time had been when Louizon was proud of any notice this siren conferred on him.
  3. The Atlantic wouldn't be such a bad place, with you,- and we wouldn't be in a hurry to blow the siren.
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