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Shark meaning

shark - 7 dictionary results

  1. 1. Any one of numerous species of elasmobranch fishes of the order Plagiostomi, found in all seas.
  2. 2. A rapacious, artful person; a sharper.
  3. 3. Trickery; fraud; petty rapine; as, to live upon the shark.
  4. 4. To pick or gather indiscriminately or covertly.
  5. 5. To play the petty thief; to practice fraud or trickery; to swindle.
  6. 6. To live by shifts and stratagems.
  7. 7. A large voracious sea- fish.

shark - examples of usage

  1. For a moment he feared it might be the back of a shark coming to the attack, but on a second look fear gave way to joy.
  2. We've thieves and crooks upon our books, And all the nimble- fingered gentry; The buccaneer is harboured here, The " shark" has instant entry.
  3. Thus, among the Tlingit there are eighteen great families, with the name of wolf, bear, eagle, whale, shark, porpoise, puffin, orca, orca- bear; raven, frog, goose, beaver, owl, sea- lion, salmon, dogfish, crow.
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