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Seduce meaning

seduce - 6 dictionary results

  1. 1. To draw aside from the path of rectitude and duty in any manner; to entice to evil; to lead astray; to tempt and lead to iniquity; to corrupt.
  2. 2. Specifically, to induce to surrender chastity; to debauch by means of solicitation.
  3. 3. To draw away from the paths of right, duty, or virtue; to lead astray.
  4. 4. Seducer.
  5. 5. Seduction.
  6. 6. To lead astray from virtue; entice.

seduce - examples of usage

  1. The proof he gave of deceit and depravity of principle, by the manner in which he endeavoured to seduce me. - "Anna St. Ives", Thomas Holcroft.
  2. Endeavoured to seduce you? - "Anna St. Ives", Thomas Holcroft.
  3. It was a strenuous, bold, unprincipled effort to seduce me. - "Anna St. Ives", Thomas Holcroft.
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