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Security meaning

security - 10 dictionary results

  1. 1. defense against financial failure; financial independence; " his pension gave him security in his old age"; " insurance provided protection against loss of wages due to illness"
  2. 2. The condition or quality of being secure; secureness.
  3. 3. Freedom from apprehension, anxiety, or care; confidence of power of safety; hence, assurance; certainty.
  4. 4. Hence, carelessness; negligence; heedlessness.
  5. 5. Freedom from risk; safety.
  6. 6. That which secures or makes safe; protection; guard; defense.
  7. 7. Something given, deposited, or pledged, to make certain the fulfillment of an obligation, the performance of a contract, the payment of a debt, or the like; surety; pledge.
  8. 8. One who becomes surety for another, or engages himself for the performance of another's obligation.
  9. 9. An evidence of debt or of property, as a bond, a certificate of stock, etc.; as, government securities.
  10. 10. Freedom from fear; safety; protection; certainty; a pledge.

security - examples of usage

  1. The possibility of war remains, however, and I wish in conclusion to emphasize the fact that in my belief the security of this country in the event of war will depend upon our strength in the air.
  2. Hay might give your family credit for goods in your absence; or was it a sort of security? - "Second Shetland Truck System Report", William Guthrie.
  3. That is all the security I have. - "Second Shetland Truck System Report", William Guthrie.
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