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Sanctity meaning

sanctity - 4 dictionary results

  1. 1. The state or quality of being sacred or holy; holiness; saintliness; moral purity; godliness.
  2. 2. Sacredness; solemnity; inviolability; religious binding force; as, the sanctity of an oath.
  3. 3. A saint or holy being.
  4. 4. Holiness; inviolability.

sanctity - examples of usage

  1. They are led and carried about from house to house that their sanctity may touch all, and avail for all; the animal dies that he may be eaten; the Tree is torn to pieces that all may have a fragment; and, above all, Bear and Bull and Tree die only that they may live again.
  2. These heroes had not the intimate sanctity of home- grown things, but they had sufficient traditional sanctity to make them acceptable as the material of drama.
  3. The two girls greeted him joyfully for they had had their fill of horror and welcomed the Priest who represented to them the sanctity of the church: Father Felix, cried the little Tessa, tell us what we are to do next and where we are to go and what we are to do when we get there, for we are dreadfully upset and poor Estrella has had a terrible shock and is still weakened from her fainting fit, while I am just as I have been right along ...
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