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Rounder meaning

rounder - 3 dictionary results

  1. 1. One who rounds; one who comes about frequently or regularly.
  2. 2. A tool for making an edge or surface round.
  3. 3. An English game somewhat resembling baseball; also, another English game resembling the game of fives, but played with a football.

rounder - examples of usage

  1. " And can you believe, Nevil,"- the starlike orbs grew ever rounder and more luminous-" she circulated the story that dear Sonia was a circus rider from Vienna!"
  2. Mr. Bayweather's eyes became rounder than ever at this, and Vincent went on, much amused, Mr. Welles has done his duty with discomfort to himself so long that he has the habit.
  3. It was still very slender, but it had roundnesses that would soon become rounder, and graceful curves that would swell with an ampler grace every month till she reached full growth. - "The Devil's Garden", W. B. Maxwell.
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