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Roseate meaning

roseate - 3 dictionary results

  1. 1. Full of roses; rosy; as, roseate bowers.
  2. 2. resembling a rose in color or fragrance; esp., tinged with rose color; blooming; as, roseate beauty; her roseate lips.
  3. 3. Like a rose; rosecolored; blooming.

roseate - examples of usage

  1. Forthwith, the stage is lit up with an ineffably pure, divinely roseate, harmonious and ethereal brightness.
  2. But in my dreams I saw before me the most delicious fish; the salm- 'Thee, too, I praise, O salmon, with thy roseate flesh!
  3. The Master's picturesque complexion achieved a more roseate tinge.
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