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Romanize meaning

romanize - 5 dictionary results

  1. 1. write in the latin alphabet; " many shops in Japan now carry neon signs with Romanized names"
  2. 2. To Latinize; to fill with Latin words or idioms.
  3. 3. To convert to the Roman Catholic religion.
  4. 4. To use Latin words and idioms.
  5. 5. To conform to Roman Catholic opinions, customs, or modes of speech.

romanize - examples of usage

  1. " My son," she said, " I need not tell you not to let them Romanize you. - "Beric the Briton A Story of the Roman Invasion", G. A. Henty.
  2. It was possible, it was easy, to Romanize these western peoples. - "The Romanization of Roman Britain", F. Haverfield.
  3. I need scarcely add that I have been at pains to verify the surprising and alarming accusations made by a clergyman against two other clergymen, and I earnestly request the publicity of your columns for what I venture to believe is positive proof of the dangerous conspiracy existing in our very midst to romanize the Established Church of England. - "The Altar Steps", Compton MacKenzie.
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