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  1. Any round body rolls which continuously touches with successive portions of its surface successive portions of another surface; a wagon- wheel rolls along the ground. To rotate is said of a body that has a circular motion about its own center or axis; to revolve is said of a body that moves in a curving path, as a circle or an ellipse, about a center outside of itself, so as to return periodically to the same relative position that it held at some previous time. A revolving body may also either rotate or roll at the same time; the earth revolves around the sun, and rotates on its own axis; in popular usage, the earth is often said to revolve about its own axis, or to have a daily " revolution," but rotate and " rotation" are the more accurate terms. A cylinder over which an endless belt is drawn is said to roll as regards the belt, tho it rotates as regards its own axis. Any object that is in contact with or connected with a rolling body is often said to roll; as, the car rolls smoothly along the track. Objects whose motion approximates or suggests a rotary motion along a supporting surface are also said to roll; as, ocean waves roll in upon the shore, or the ship rolls in the trough of the sea. Turn is a conversational and popular word often used vaguely for rotate or revolve, or for any motion about a fixed point, especially for a motion less than a complete " rotation" or " revolution;" a man turns his head or turns on his heel; the gate turns on its hinges.
  2. Psychology, theory of knowledge and metaphysics revolve about belief, and on the view we take of belief our philosophical outlook largely depends.
  3. When they had hoisted their sails and began to bear away towards the steamer- track, the Nadine cast off from the Vlodoya, her screws began to revolve, and the president got his gun loaded.
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