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Reverberation meaning

reverberation - 1 dictionary results

  1. 1. The act of reverberating; especially, the act of reflecting light or heat, or reechoing sound; as, the reverberation of rays from a mirror; the reverberation of rays from a mirror; the reverberation of voices; the reverberation of heat or flame in a furnace.

reverberation - examples of usage

  1. But the far stronger immediate effect is the psychophysiological reverberation in the whole youthful organism with strong reactions on its blood vessels and on its nerves. - "Psychology and Social Sanity", Hugo M√ľnsterberg.
  2. As Jack knocked on the door of the last house, farthest removed from the upper end of the settlement, he heard far off a dull boom like the reverberation of an explosion. - "Jack of the Pony Express", Frank V. Webster.
  3. The splash of the plunging Nagold was in my ears, the smell of the boundless pine forest was in my nostrils; once more I seemed to be looking down from the upper window of the hostelry upon the deep ravine, a sheer precipice from the back of the house, broken only by some few struggling trees that appeared scarcely able to find roothold on the straight fall of rock,- one tree projecting just below the foundations of the inn, ten feet lower than the lowest window, a knotted wild cherry, storm- beaten and crooked,- and then, suddenly, something of uncertain shape, huddled together and falling from the balcony down the precipice,- a woman's figure, caught in the gnarled boughs of the cherry- tree, hanging and swinging over the abyss, while shriek on shriek echoed down to the swollen torrent and up to the turrets of the old inn in an agonized reverberation of horror. - "Paul Patoff", F. Marion Crawford.
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