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Resound meaning

resound - 2 dictionary results

  1. 1. To be echoed; sound loudly; be celebrated.
  2. 2. To sound back; echo; celebrate loudly.

resound - examples of usage

  1. He waits, and Jack rides full speed; when he came to the castle, he knocked with such a force that he made all the neighbouring hills to resound.
  2. As soon as we do not let the whole series of repetitions resound in us uniformly, but give our attention to one particular moment out of the many...
  3. So I rest assured that the cause of Conservation, with such an advocate as Theodore Roosevelt and such an apostle as Gifford Pinchot, will not be confined within the limits of the United States but will resound through Canada and through Mexico and on south even to the limits of the southern continent; and I foresee that you and I will be proud that we were able to participate in the effort to extend this movement.
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