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Repulsion meaning

repulsion - 4 dictionary results

  1. 1. The act of repulsing or repelling, or the state of being repulsed or repelled.
  2. 2. A feeling of violent offence or disgust; repugnance.
  3. 3. The power, either inherent or due to some physical action, by which bodies, or the particles of bodies, are made to recede from each other, or to resist each other's nearer approach; as, molecular repulsion; electrical repulsion.
  4. 4. Repulse; power by which bodies repel each other.

repulsion - examples of usage

  1. Then, without warning, her face froze with mingled repulsion and wonder.
  2. His eyes must have conveyed his repulsion, for she spoke as if answering them.
  3. Such was her repulsion at the lies she had to tell him that she felt the distance between them could not be too wide.
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