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Repulse meaning

repulse - 2 dictionary results

  1. 1. State of being repulsed; act of repelling.
  2. 2. To drive back; repel.

repulse - examples of usage

  1. Soon after his first repulse, Prince Maurice opened fire from his great guns placed on all the heights commanding the town, from the effects of which not only the houses but our forts suffered.
  2. It was a mistake and he ought not to have retreated so far upon repulse.
  3. If after these assurances, it is your project to pass the limits of a civil explanation and to push things to their utmost, which I do not wish in the least, you will find me, Monsieur, as firm to repulse an insult as I try to be on my guard against the movement which brings it into being.
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