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Recede meaning

recede - 5 dictionary results

  1. 1. To move back; to retreat; to withdraw.
  2. 2. To withdraw a claim or pretension; to desist; to relinquish what had been proposed or asserted; as, to recede from a demand or proposition.
  3. 3. To cede back; to grant or yield again to a former possessor; as, to recede conquered territory.
  4. 4. To cede back.
  5. 5. To retreat; draw back.

recede - examples of usage

  1. With each phase the world shrinks smaller and the mists of the unknown recede.
  2. The manner of his coming was bold, for he stood fairly upon the ship's deck, staring at the growing picture of the town, as he had watched it recede a month before, and his smile was evil now, as it had been then.
  3. The circulation showed a steady increase, and on August 17, 1848, was declared to be eighteen thousand seven hundred and fifteen daily, a figure from which it did not recede during the autumn and winter.
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