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Quilt meaning

quilt - 7 dictionary results

  1. 1. stitch or sew together; " quilt the skirt"
  2. 2. Anything that is quilted; esp., a quilted bed cover, or a skirt worn by women; any cover or garment made by putting wool, cotton, etc., between two cloths and stitching them together; also, any outer bed cover.
  3. 3. To stitch or sew together at frequent intervals, in order to confine in place the several layers of cloth and wadding of which a garment, comforter, etc., may be made; as, to quilt a coat.
  4. 4. To wad, as a garment, with warm soft material.
  5. 5. To stitch or sew in lines or patterns.
  6. 6. Padded coverlet for a bed.
  7. 7. To stitch together with a padding between.

quilt - examples of usage

  1. But she held hard and reached the second stone, and it seemed to her that he was nothing but a lump of lead, only still roaring and struggling; and, what with that and the rushing of the water below her, she began to get dizzy, but still she held on, and she had her foot on the stone in the middle of the stream when plump down he fell through the quilt that he was wrapped in, as if it had been nothing but a muslin handkerchief. - "Fairies and Folk of Ireland", William Henry Frost.
  2. And the jacket would keep him so warm and be such a grand bed quilt if he and Pat had to sleep out. - "Dick Lionheart", Mary Rowles Jarvis.
  3. On a horseback trip, however, it is desirable to carry also an ordinary comforter, or quilt, or " sogun." - "Camp and Trail", Stewart Edward White.
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