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Quiet meaning

quiet - 16 dictionary results

  1. 1. of the sun; characterized by a low level of surface phenomena like sun spots e. g.
  2. 2. characterized by an absence or near absence of agitation or activity; " a quiet life"; " a quiet throng of onlookers"; " quiet peace- loving people"; " the factions remained quiet for almost 10 years"
  3. 3. with little or no activity or no agitation (` quiet' is a nonstandard variant for ` quietly'); " her hands rested quietly in her lap"; " the rock star was quietly led out the back door"; " sit here as quiet as you can"
  4. 4. In a state of rest or calm; without stir, motion, or agitation; still; as, a quiet sea; quiet air.
  5. 5. Free from noise or disturbance; hushed; still.
  6. 6. Not excited or anxious; calm; peaceful; placid; settled; as, a quiet life; a quiet conscience.
  7. 7. Not giving offense; not exciting disorder or trouble; not turbulent; gentle; mild; meek; contented.
  8. 8. Not showy; not such as to attract attention; undemonstrative; as, a quiet dress; quiet colors; a quiet movement.
  9. 9. The quality or state of being quiet, or in repose; as an hour or a time of quiet.
  10. 10. Freedom from disturbance, noise, or alarm; stillness; tranquillity; peace; security.
  11. 11. To stop motion in; to still; to reduce to a state of rest, or of silence.
  12. 12. To calm; to appease; to pacify; to lull; to allay; to tranquillize; as, to quiet the passions; to quiet clamors or disorders; to quiet pain or grief.
  13. 13. To become still, silent, or calm; - often with down; as, be soon quieted down.
  14. 14. Calm; not moving; gentle; silent.
  15. 15. Rest; repose; silence; peace.
  16. 16. To bring to rest; calm.

quiet - examples of usage

  1. " Then you can rest perfectly quiet, mamma. - "A Hazard of New Fortunes, Part Fifth", William Dean Howells.
  2. I like the boy, and I believe he will quiet down into a good man." - "The Crisis, Volume 6", Winston Churchill.
  3. She must get through the matter in hand, and then think it out in quiet. - "Night and Day", Virginia Woolf.
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