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Putrid meaning

putrid - 4 dictionary results

  1. 1. having undergone infection; " a purulent wound"
  2. 2. Tending to decomposition or decay; decomposed; rotten; -- said of animal or vegetable matter; as, putrid flesh. See Putrefaction.
  3. 3. Indicating or proceeding from a decayed state of animal or vegetable matter; as, a putrid smell.
  4. 4. Rotten; corrupt.

putrid - examples of usage

  1. Seeds that the thorns of diseases may bear Float on the putrid and smoke- laden air; Ghosts of destruction are haunting each breath- Soft- stepping agents, commissioned by Death.
  2. Others declare that he is a putrid emanation from some kind of matter which science has not yet identified, without consciousness, but by no means without odour.
  3. And in the meanwhile the police- reports are full of putrid flesh, all the blue- books are crammed with statistical dry bones; flesh from the carcases and bones from the skeletons in that mass of death and corruption under our imperial whited sepulchre.
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