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Proscription meaning

proscription - 2 dictionary results

  1. 1. The act of proscribing; a dooming to death or exile; outlawry; specifically, among the ancient Romans, the public offer of a reward for the head of a political enemy; as, under the triumvirate, many of the best Roman citizens fell by proscription.
  2. 2. The state of being proscribed; denunciation; interdiction; prohibition.

proscription - examples of usage

  1. The North promptly responded to the call of the South, and in every direction through the Free States the Abolitionists became the victims of persecution, proscription and outrage.
  2. It darts forward, whirls, envelops, tears up, drags after it, thunders and becomes a general cry; a public crescendo, a universal chorus of hatred and proscription.
  3. It is singular that this savage proscription should have been the work of the party at whose head stood the champion of toleration.
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