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Powerless meaning

powerless - 2 dictionary results

powerless - examples of usage

  1. By what signal self- sacrifice- by what devotion of a whole life- time- by what patient and continuous duty- shall she secure to herself this divine peace, so that the storms and terrors and trials of the world may sweep by it powerless and unregarded? - "The Beautiful Wretch; The Pupil of Aurelius; and The Four Macnicols", William Black.
  2. The liar takes advantage of the opportunity which his position as a member of society gives him to strike a deadly blow at the heart of the social order on which he depends for his existence, and without whose aid his arm would be powerless to strike. - "Practical Ethics", William DeWitt Hyde.
  3. The two turns round the room had stretched to half a dozen in this futile task, but she felt herself powerless to leave the mask, who for his part betrayed signs of embarrassment, as if he had undertaken a ruse of which he repented. - "A Fearful Responsibility and Other Stories", William D. Howells.
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