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Portraiture meaning

portraiture - 5 dictionary results

  1. 1. A portrait; a likeness; a painted resemblance; hence, that which is copied from some example or model.
  2. 2. Pictures, collectively; painting.
  3. 3. The art or practice of making portraits.
  4. 4. To represent by a portrait, or as by a portrait; to portray.
  5. 5. The drawing of portraits; vivid description.

portraiture - examples of usage

  1. With regard to this feature in chap- book literature already referred to- namely, that it was composed by the people for the people, and thus gives a true portraiture of many features in their social life- still more may be said.
  2. And the only method that is left us is to point out the striking traits of the general portraiture, and to let the minor incidents take care of themselves.
  3. An eminent English author, in some respects even a great author, complained that in our country no one since Fielding had dared to attempt the full and faithful portraiture of a man, and he set himself to the task in a work published by instalments.
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