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Petticoat meaning

petticoat - 2 dictionary results

  1. 1. A loose under- garment worn by women, and covering the body below the waist.
  2. 2. A woman's underskirt.

petticoat - examples of usage

  1. First a gaunt- looking woman, with tucked- up sleeves, a faded pink dress, and shoes on her stockingless feet, rushed out; after her, a rough- haired man in a red shirt, and extremely wide trousers, like a petticoat, and goloshes on his feet.
  2. " Well," said Jonesy, " you can always get some petticoat to live with you for a while."
  3. The Miss Sandons and Jane Seaton, who came escorted by Loring, on finding no chaperone, thought they ought to go on shore again, as neither Mrs Topgallant nor Mrs Skyscraper had come; but Sir Francis kept them discussing the point till Carstairs had time to dive below, and presently returned with a Norman cap on his head, a shawl over his shoulders, and a boat- cloak as a petticoat.
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