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Peruse meaning

peruse - 3 dictionary results

  1. 1. To observe; to examine with care.
  2. 2. To read through; to read carefully.
  3. 3. To read attentively; examine.

peruse - examples of usage

  1. No one will be the less disposed to read Dr. Kane's chapters, or to peruse Mr. Gilder's, for having read Professor Nourse; nor, on the other hand, will these works prejudice Professor Nourse's chance to be read.
  2. I accordingly allowed him to seat himself at some little distance from me and to peruse his paper in peace.
  3. As for certain collections of sermons, a dialogue for loose thinkers, a jeu d’ esprit on the Pentateuch, together with various trifles by way of lectures on history and philosophy, I confess that none of these have I ever even attempted to peruse.
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