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Overland meaning

overland - 2 dictionary results

  1. 1. Being, or accomplished, over the land, instead of by sea; as, an overland journey.
  2. 2. By, upon, or across, land.

overland - examples of usage

  1. For several years before the extension of the wires overland to Nova Scotia, the newsgatherers of Boston and New York resorted to various devices in order to obtain the earliest reports from Europe.
  2. Harcourt then told us that after we had started overland, he had remained two hours at anchor, and then shipping an old pilot, in a Welsh wig, who only spoke Jersey French- the oddest patois he ever heard- he got under way for St. Helier's.
  3. Hitherto we have had to treat of travellers who in the middle ages reached China by an overland journey; we have now to allude to those who have visited that country by sea, subsequent to that grand achievement of the Portuguese, the discovery of the passage by the Cape of Good Hope.
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