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Overbalance meaning

overbalance - 3 dictionary results

  1. 1. To exceed equality with; to outweigh.
  2. 2. To cause to lose balance or equilibrium.
  3. 3. Excess of weight or value; something more than an equivalent; as, an overbalance of exports.

overbalance - examples of usage

  1. The fact is that Louise of Stolberg, much as her subsequent life and ways of thought proved her to be a woman of the eighteenth century, and not at all above the eighteenth century's easy- going habits and conventional ideas, was a kind of woman rare at all times and rarest of all in a time like her own, With a kindly and affectionate temper, the immense bulk of her nature, the overbalance, the top- heaviness of it, was intellectual; and intellectual not in the sense of the ready society intelligence, so common among eighteenth- century women, but in the sense of actual engrossing interest and in abstract questions and ideals. - "The Countess of Albany", Violet Paget (AKA Vernon Lee).
  2. He felt that the youth of Apollo was enough to overbalance the strength of his enemy. - "The Wonder Island Boys: Exploring the Island", Roger Thompson Finlay.
  3. Mr. Carmady had pointed out that although the population had diminished the nuns and priests had increased, and Father Murphy must hold that Ireland must become one vast monastery, and the laity ought to become extinct, or he must agree with Mr. Carmady that there was a point when a too numerous clergy would overbalance the laity. - "The Untilled Field", George Moore.
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