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Omission meaning

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omission - examples of usage

  1. It has its defects, shortcomings, and mistakes, but it is an incomparably sounder work than the " Origin of Species;" and though it contains the deplorable omission of any reference to Buffon, Lamarck does not first grossly misrepresent Buffon, and then tell him to go away, as Mr. Darwin did to the author of the " Vestiges" and to Lamarck. - "Luck or Cunning?", Samuel Butler.
  2. Of a more serious character would be the omission, which some urge, of the words " Protestant Episcopal" from the title- page. - "A Short History of the Book of Common Prayer", William Reed Huntington.
  3. Street, omission of in letters. - "Practical Grammar and Composition", Thomas Wood.
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