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Odd meaning

odd - 7 dictionary results

  1. 1. an indefinite quantity more than that specified; " invited 30- odd guests"
  2. 2. Not paired with another, or remaining over after a pairing; without a mate; unmatched; single; as, an odd shoe; an odd glove.
  3. 3. Not divisible by 2 without a remainder; not capable of being evenly paired, one unit with another; as, 1, 3, 7, 9, 11, etc., are odd numbers.
  4. 4. Left over after a definite round number has been taken or mentioned; indefinitely, but not greatly, exceeding a specified number; extra.
  5. 5. Remaining over; unconnected; detached; fragmentary; hence, occasional; inconsiderable; as, odd jobs; odd minutes; odd trifles.
  6. 6. Different from what is usual or common; unusual; singular; peculiar; unique; strange.
  7. 7. Not paired; not divisible by two; remaining; strange.

odd - examples of usage

  1. Doesn't everything look odd this morning? - "Night and Day", Virginia Woolf.
  2. I think it's a little odd, don't you? - "Night and Day", Virginia Woolf.
  3. Now this was odd: that, whenever Nan's name was mentioned, Frank King always glanced up with a quick look, as if he were surprised. - "The Beautiful Wretch; The Pupil of Aurelius; and The Four Macnicols", William Black.
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