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Octave meaning

octave - 7 dictionary results

  1. 1. The eighth day after a church festival, the festival day being included; also, the week following a church festival.
  2. 2. The eighth tone in the scale; the interval between one and eight of the scale, or any interval of equal length; an interval of five tones and two semitones.
  3. 3. The whole diatonic scale itself.
  4. 4. The first two stanzas of a sonnet, consisting of four verses each; a stanza of eight lines.
  5. 5. A small cask of wine, the eighth part of a pipe.
  6. 6. Consisting of eight; eight.
  7. 7. The seventh day following a church festival; in mus., interval of an eighth, or twelve semitones.

octave - examples of usage

  1. Poetry has to supply definite thought, arguments driving at a conclusion, ideas mortgaged to this or that creed or system; and to give force to these can command only a few rhythms limited by the duration of a human breath and the pitch of an octave.
  2. Now we all began to think that the abbot would exhibit the coffin to the people on the octave of the feast, and would replace the sacred body before all of us.
  3. He played the octave flute, which also served as a baton for marking time.
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