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Nimble meaning

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  1. Nimble refers to lightness, freedom, and quickness of motion within a somewhat narrow range, with readiness to turn suddenly to any point; swift applies commonly to more sustained motion over greater distances; a pickpocket is nimble- fingered, a dancer nimble- footed; an arrow, a race- horse, or an ocean steamer is swift; Shakespeare's " nimble lightnings" is said of the visual appearance in sudden zigzag flash across the sky. Figuratively, we speak of nimble wit, swift intelligence, swift destruction. Alert, which is strictly a synonym for ready, comes sometimes near the meaning of nimble or quick, from the fact that the ready, wide- awake person is likely to be lively, quick, speedy. Compare ACTIVE; ALERT.
  2. But the tinker being a nimble fellow, leaped up again, and gave Tom a bang, the which made him reel, and following his blows, took Tom on the other side, which made him throw down his weapon and yield the mastery to the brave tinker.
  3. She was nimble and light, and quickened now by a cold calculation of all that depended upon her.
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