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Narcotic meaning

narcotic - 4 dictionary results

  1. 1. Having the properties of a narcotic; operating as a narcotic.
  2. 2. A drug which, in medicinal doses, generally allays morbid susceptibility, relieves pain, and produces sleep; but which, in poisonous doses, produces stupor, coma, or convulsions, and, when given in sufficient quantity, causes death. The best examples are opium ( with morphine), belladonna ( with atropine), and conium.
  3. 3. A medicine inducing sleep.
  4. 4. Inducing sleep or torpor.

narcotic - examples of usage

  1. Piper methysticum, also the narcotic drink prepared from it.
  2. The strength of the young Creole had become almost restored- the effects of the narcotic having completed disappeared.
  3. I can scarcely add that it is a medicine for the sickness, for its medicinal virtues are hardly shown; but it is, at any rate, as we read of its effects in these books, a narcotic and an anodyne for restlessness and pain.
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