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Monstrously meaning

monstrously - 1 dictionary results

  1. 1. In a monstrous manner; unnaturally; extraordinarily; as, monstrously wicked.

monstrously - examples of usage

  1. However, my lord, nothing daunted, expressed himself monstrously glad to hear it; monstrously glad. - "The Castle Inn", Stanley John Weyman.
  2. Yet, truly, though it did be a natural matter, it was yet a wondrous sight, and set amazement on my senses; for the flame did dance, and sway whitherward monstrously, and sometimes did seem that it dropt so low as an hundred feet, and afterward went upward with a vast roaring unto the utter height, and did stand mighty and blazing, maybe a full thousand feet, so that the far side of the gorge was lit, and surely it was seven great miles off or more; but yet did show plain and wondrous. - "The Night Land", William Hope Hodgson.
  3. He had but one eye, a feeble one, and his legs were not to be depended upon; but he managed to cover a great deal of ground, to have many painful little adventures, and to get monstrously hungry and thirsty before he happened to look in upon Penrod and Sam. - "Penrod and Sam", Booth Tarkington.
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