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Meed meaning

meed - 8 dictionary results

  1. 1. a fitting reward
  2. 2. That which is bestowed or rendered in consideration of merit; reward; recompense.
  3. 3. Merit or desert; worth.
  4. 4. A gift; also, a bride.
  5. 5. To reward; to repay.
  6. 6. To deserve; to merit.
  7. 7. Reward; recompense; that which is given for merit.
  8. 8. Reward; recompense.

meed - examples of usage

  1. But seeing that your conceits and lucubrations have afforded us one or two good laughs, and considering, moreover, that you are of the number of those small fry with which it is almost condescension for us to meddle, we will let you off, and close this notice of your book, if not with entire approbation, at least with a moderate meed of praise.
  2. Doubtless they would have failed again to render the genuine thing its meed, had we not the assurance of Fitz that we were in the presence of the heiress to the oldest monarchy in Europe.
  3. But as he uttered them his distress was so sincere that it was impossible to deny him a meed of sympathy.
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