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Marseilles meaning

marseilles - 1 dictionary results

  1. 1. A general term for certain kinds of fabrics, which are formed of two series of threads interlacing each other, thus forming double cloth, quilted in the loom; - so named because first made in Marseilles, France.

marseilles - examples of usage

  1. On his way he wrote from Marseilles to his mother; and, after telling her of the sights and scenes he has witnessed, mentions that he will leave Marseilles D.
  2. They have not only done that, but they have also acquired the other corporations that have had to do with the developing of water- power in Illinois; and not only that, but they have reached out and acquired certain riparian rights necessary to develop fully the power at Marseilles.
  3. Having made up his mind to see the quarantine establishment at Marseilles, Howard made his way through France, though he was so feared and disliked by the Government that he was warned if he were caught in that country he would be thrown into the Bastille.
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