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Manual meaning

manual - 5 dictionary results

  1. 1. Of or pertaining to the hand; done or made by the hand; as, manual labor; the king's sign manual.
  2. 2. A small book, such as may be carried in the hand, or conveniently handled; a handbook; specifically, the service book of the Roman Catholic Church.
  3. 3. A keyboard of an organ or harmonium for the fingers, as distinguished from the pedals; a clavier, or set of keys.
  4. 4. A prescribed exercise in the systematic handing of a weapon; as, the manual of arms; the manual of the sword; the manual of the piece ( cannon, mortar, etc.).
  5. 5. A hand- book.

manual - examples of usage

  1. I am afraid that that cursed Manual has undone me.
  2. Those who have no linen, corn, cattle, or manual labour to offer, may bring a definite sum of money.
  3. Once more the manual exercise was tried- tried for nearly half an hour.
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